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GFB G-FORCE III Electronic Boost Controller


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The latest iteration of GFB’s feature-packed electronic boost controller now has the ability to monitor and display your engine’s air/fuel ratio in either Lambda or AFR. By connecting the analogue output of most wideband O2 controllers (i.e. Innovate LC-2, AEM UEGO etc, sold separately) to the G-Force III’s auxiliary input, you can toggle between boost pressure and air/fuel ratio display. Not only does this save you from having to install a separate AFR gauge in your car, it can also save your engine! A lean mixture at high boost can destroy an engine in seconds, and a stand-alone AFR gauge is next to useless when accelerating hard as your concentration is likely to be (and should be!) on the road in front of you. The G-Force III safeguards your engine against a lean mixture by lowering boost to the minimum setting, and visibly warning you by flashing the display lighting. Whether your car is a daily driver or an all-out track weapon, the G-Force III has the features to tailor boost to suit your needs. Set up to 6 boost presets and select on the fly, use the scramble feature for overtaking, launching, towing, or protecting the engine, and you can even customize the lighting colour to suit your interior! No other EBC on the market offers the features, control, ease of use, and value for money like the G-Force III! * FOR BOOST PRESSURES UP TO 50PSI (3.45BAR, 345KPA) * ADJUST PEAK BOOST, RISE RATE, AND CLOSED-LOOP CORRECTION * DISPLAY BOOST PRESSURE IN PSI, BAR, OR KPA * 6 BOOST PRESETS, INDIVIDUALLY PROGRAMMABLE * UNIQUE “SCRAMBLE” FEATURE WITH REMOTE SWITCHING * PEAK BOOST RECALL * AIR/FUEL RATIO DISPLAY IN AFR OR LAMBDA (WHEN CONNECTED TO A WIDEBAND O2 CONTROLLER) * SEPARATELY ADJUSTABLE OVERBOOST AND LEAN MIXTURE WARNING/BOOST CUT * TOUCH BUTTONS WITH USER SELECTABLE ILLUMINATION COLOURS * AUXILIARY INPUT TO SWITCH BOOST PRESETS OR ACTIVATE SCRAMBLE * 1/2 DIN SIZE CASING, FITS STANDARD STEREO SLOT * SUPPLIED WITH MAC 3-PORT SOLENOID