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BMW 135i: R1 Carbon GEOMET® Series Brake Rotors

R1 Concepts

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GEOMET coated rotors providing the best protection against corrosion. These are top of the line! 

Improve your braking power with these R1 Concepts brake rotors!

Available in different options.



07-13 BMW 135i


R1 Carbon GEOMET OEM   F: 604-31085(L+R) R: 900-31090(L+R

R1 Carbon GEOMET Drilled and Slotted  F: 830-31085R & 830-31085L R: 830-31090R & 830-31090L

R1 Carbon GEOMET Drilled rotor    F: 820-31085R & 820-31085L R: 820-31090R & 820-31090L

R1 Carbon GEOMET slotted   F: 810-31085R & 810-31085L R: 810-31090R & 810-31090L