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BMW 135i R1 Concepts Rotors eLine series

R1 Concepts

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Complete Set! 

Improve your braking power with these R1 Concepts brake rotors! Available in different options.

Available in Zinc coat. 


 e82 /e88 2007-2013

eLine oem F: 600-31085(L+R) R: 600-31090(L+R)

eLine Drilled and slotted F: 631-31085R & 631-31085L R: 631-31090R & 631-31090L

eLine Drilled F: 621-31085R & 621-31085L R: 621-31090R & 621-31090L

eLine Slotted F: 611-31085R & 611-31085L R: 611-31090R & 611-31090L

eLine zinc coated

eLine oem zinc unavailable 

eLine Drilled and slotted zinc F: 633-31085R & 633-31085L R: 633-31090R & 633-31090L

eLine Drilled zinc  F: 623-31085R & 623-31085L R: 623-31090R & 623-31090L

eLine Slotted zinc  F: 613-31085R & 613-31085L R: 613-31090R & 613-31090L